Stretch Your Worries Away With These Naples Yoga Studios!

her hand, there are also plenty of sporting activities you can find to do in Naples including surfing, diving, parasailing, kayaking, fishing, and many more! 

For those who are more inclined to visit a Naples yoga studio, you will be happy to hear that the city offers plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want to find a place that does heated yoga or are more interested in finding a yoga studio that does its classes outdoors, Naples has you covered.

You will even find studios that offer online classes to make sure you have the opportunity to stretch and connect with your body during your vacation. These yoga studios in Naples, FL are perfect for those who don’t want to skip a yoga session during their stay in a Naples vacation rental

Yoga 4 Elements

Yoga 4 Elements is located at 7935 AIrport-Pulling Road in Suite #215 in Naples, Florida. This yoga studio offers classes on a covered outdoor terrace that overlooks the trees. The sounds of nature around you are sure to provide relaxation while you meditate in such a relaxing environment. Their classes are suitable for people of any yoga abilities whether you are a beginner or an intermediate. Their schedule is available online so be sure to check it out and find a class for you.

Yoga 4 Elements offers five different types of yoga classes. The earth element is a class that focuses on deep breathing and long stretching. The fire element is a class taken in the afternoon when the heated energy from the sun can be felt. The class is focused on movement and energy flow. The air element is a class that works on connecting your breath and body while promoting relaxation and balance. The water element is a class where you are aware of your body movements and breaths to slowly build strength throughout the body. AcroYoga combines aerobics and yoga to give you power and spiritual healing all at the same time.

Naples Yoga Center

Naples Yoga Center is located at 9853 Tamiami Trail North in Suite 228 in Naples, Florida. What makes this studio unique is that they offer online classes available for those who can’t make it to the studio. They strive to provide personalized services to every individual who takes their classes. 

Vinyasa Flow is a class that combines yoga posture and breathing work to build strength, flexibility, and balance while promoting peace and relaxation. Strength & Mobility is a class that focuses on increasing the range of motion in the body by building strength. Yin Yoga is a class designed to increase energy flow in the body by releasing blockages within our energy centers. Meditation, breathwork, and long-held postures are all incorporated into this class. Gentle Yoga is a class offered for those who are not yet familiar with yoga and need to enhance the basic concepts such as yoga poses, alignment, and breathing. 

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Love Yoga Center

Love Yoga Center is located at 4949 Tamiami Trail in Suite 204 in Naples, Florida. They also offer both in-studio and online classes to accommodate the needs of all people. Love Yoga Center focuses on providing classes that enrich the ancient art of Yoga and are always open to those participating in beginners yoga. 

They offer a variety of classes at Love Yoga Center as well. Strength and Stability Yoga is offered to help build strength by holding poses for a long time and using props to enhance your abilities. Yoga and Meditation are offered and focus on sequences to help your breathing become more intentional. Candlelight Flow focuses on movements and breathing that occur with intention. Love Basics is the perfect beginners’ class where poses are broken down to help you master the basics. 

Yoga House

Yoga House is located at 6200 Trail Blvd in Naples, Florida. They thrive on providing their customers with exceptional customer service while in their studio. They also want everyone to feel at home when visiting their studio whether it is their first time or their 100th time visiting it! 

They offer different classes in their studio as well. Power House Flow is a high-intensity class focusing on linking breath and movement. Power Up/ Power Down is a class that combines vinyasa and grounding to give you a power-up and a calm-down opportunity. Gentle Yoga is slower-paced and focuses on poses and stretches. Align & Flow is designed to connect your mind, body, and spirit with opening stretches. Mindful Movement enhances strength, mobility, and functionality. Foundation training is meant to correct imbalances with posture and other everyday life movements. Yoga Sculpt is a traditional strength and cardio combination.

Drip Hot Yoga 

Drip Hot Yoga is located at 3212 Bayshore Dr in Naples, Florida and it offers two main classes. Yoga is done in a heated room that is meant to connect the mind and body while Bikram yoga is also done in a heated room and focuses on 26 postures. They also offer some special events and workshops and you can always check on their website for more information. 

Pilates Firm

Pilates Firm is located at Rt 41 in the Park Shore Area in Naples. This studio is a boutique offering pilates and fitness classes with instructors that are certified in their fields. Their classes are individualized for each person and they are held in a private room. While they specialize in one-on-one classes, they can accommodate classes of two or three individuals as well. They also offer online classes. 

Spenga Naples

Spenga is located at 850 Neapolitan Way in Naples, Florida. This studio provides an experience that is unlike any of the other yoga studios. They have a 60-minute Spenga session that includes 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of yoga. Combining the three maximizes your experience. 

Donation Yoga

Donation Yoga is located at 5002 Tamiami Trail in Unit 100 in Naples, Florida. Another unique yoga studio, this one operates based on donations from customers that are donated to nonprofits each month. 

They offer Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Vinyasa Flow focuses on improving your postures while coordinating them with deep breathing. Yin Yoga focuses on working the lower part of your body to restore tissue strength by holding the poses for longer periods. 

Where To Stay in Naples

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