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Your Guide to the Best Restaurants in Naples

There’s simply no better city for food lovers than Naples, Florida. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood or classic Italian classics, this vibrant city on the sun-drenched Gulf of Mexico has something to satisfy every palate.

First and foremost is the city’s legendary seafood scene. You can’t visit Naples without indulging in a delicious plate of pasta tossed with plump clams and spicy tomato sauce or savoring the delicate flavors of locally caught red snapper served with tender fennel and earthy olives. The area enjoys bountiful harvests thanks to the temperate weather from the nearby Gulf of Mexico, making it easy to find fresh fruits and vegetables here. So don’t miss out on dining al fresco at one of the many charming sidewalk cafes that dot this culinary capital.

When your appetite is satisfied, head back to your Naples vacation rental, throw on a pair of comfy sneakers, and explore some of Naples’ most beloved local haunts. Whether you’re traveling solo or with family in tow, this wonderful city will energize your senses and fill your belly simultaneously – what could be better? So next time you’re looking for a destination that truly brings people together over delicious food, look no further than sunny Naples.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Naples restaurants so you don’t have to waste any time jumping right into the best eating in the area.

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M Waterfront Grill

This eatery was known as Maxwell’s on The Bay for over two decades. They are a must-visit for seafood and steak lovers. Known best for their delicious New England-style steaks and seafood, they have surf-and-turf that will knock your socks off.  

The restaurant is located right on the water and offers a large outdoor seating area with stunning views of Venetian Bay. As far as outdoor dining goes, this one is probably our favorite. The menu features items like grilled mahi-mahi, seared scallops, and steak. You can treat yourself to a romantic meal with your sweetheart or enjoy a relaxed dining experience with your friends and family.

Bayside Seafood & Grill

Another great option for seafood lovers is Bayside Seafood & Grill. You’re guaranteed a great view with the unique option of sitting on the first-floor or second-floor balcony. They actively encourage guests to keep their eyes out for dolphins, as many like to swim past and play in the waters nearby. 

While seafood-focused, the restaurant has an extensive menu with something for everyone. The head chef hand-selects the seafood daily to ensure you get the freshest, most delicious cuisine possible. From fish tacos to lobster bisque, there’s something for everyone at Bayside Seafood & Grill.

Van Van Cuban Café

This quaint cafe is the perfect spot for those looking for something different. They take their name from the popular Cuban saying “van van,” which means “perseverance and tenacity to face life.” 

Started and still run by a Cuban family, they have many generations of delicious recipes to enjoy. The cafe offers traditional Cuban fare like ropa vieja and Cuban sandwiches. Wash it all down with a refreshing mojito, and you’ll see why Cuban fare can make the Florida weather seem even better.

Caffe Dell Amore

Classic Italian is this restaurant’s theme. Dominic and Brian are the owners and the chefs, meaning every single dish gets the pride and delivery of the people whose reputation is on the line. They have a fairly small menu, so all the ingredients are as fresh as possible. They offer both Italian seafood dishes like Snapper Alla Putanesca and pasta such as White Truffle Sacchettini. 

Make sure to save room for dessert – the tiramisu is to die for!

Sea Salt

This restaurant describes itself as “Fresh. Elegant. Inspirational.” They change their menu nearly every day, but it is always inspired by Venetian fare. They offer tasty starters such as ceviche and ahi tuna tartare. They also have a few entrees, but the best way to experience what they can do is to order their four-course dinner for two. It changes from time to time, but right now includes a Blue Crab Bisque, Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, pan-roasted Branzino fillet, and a white chocolate cheesecake parfait.

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Sails Restaurant

This restaurant prides itself on the fusion of Greek, Italian, and French-style food. Watch your fresh seafood be prepared on the custom wood grill right in front of you. They have a wine cave available for private dining events, be sure to book that beforehand. 

Don’t forget to try one of the restaurant’s signature cocktails while you’re there. Their menu features three-course and four-course options as well as a la carte. They offer an extensive vegan and vegetarian menu as well and their brunch on the weekends is the perfect way to get your morning rolling before heading out on the boat.

When you finish your delicious dinner, take the steps down to the sandy beach and enjoy a stroll while the Gulf breeze gently rustles your hair. 

La Trattoria

La Trattoria is a must-visit for any true pizza aficionado. This classic Italian eatery boasts some of the best pies in all of Naples, with toppings like aged cheese, savory meats, and fresh veggies. But that’s not all – La Trattoria also features all of your other favorite Italian dishes, from hearty lasagna to tender spaghetti with savory meatballs. 

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! La Trattoria’s sweet treats are simply irresistible from their delicious tiramisu to their rich-yet-light cannoli. Whether you’re craving classic Italian cuisine or simply the best pizza in town, La Trattoria has you covered. So what are you waiting for? Visit this gem of a restaurant today and taste for yourself why everyone is raving about La Trattoria!

Tulia Osteria

When it comes to authentic and delicious Italian cuisine, Tulia Osteria is the first place that comes to mind. This little gem in Naples is the city’s first osteria, serving up delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. The menu features favorites like wood-fired pizzas, fresh pasta, and classic grilled meats, all perfectly complemented by a selection of fine wines. 

Whether you’re enjoying a romantic evening out or a hearty family meal, Tulia Osteria is sure to be your new favorite dining destination. So what are you waiting for? Visit this culinary gem today and taste for yourself why Tulia Osteria is the best in town!

Where To Stay in Naples

As a foodie, you know that nothing compares to the incredible flavors of fresh, local cuisine. So when it comes to choosing your next vacation destination, our vacation rentals in Naples should be unquestionably at the top of your list. Whether you’re craving succulent seafood or mouthwatering Italian dishes, Naples has something for everyone. 

With its bustling local culinary scene and stunning coastal setting, this vibrant city quickly becomes a foodie paradise. Whether you’re looking for fine dining classics like Neapolitan pizza and freshly caught fish or innovative new twists on traditional favorites, Naples is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. So why wait? Tempt your taste buds and book your trip to Naples today! Bon appetit!