Property Rating System

Premier Sotheby’s International Realty requires a high standard for the rental properties represented. The company has initiated a ‘precious metals’ rating system similar to that of hotels. The system is a standardized assessment of the quality of a property’s interior. Ratings are intended to help guests select a rental property that meets their personal expectations. The ratings range from Platinum to Bronze, with the Platinum rating being the most luxurious and Bronze being simple yet perfectly functional.


Exceptional properties that provide the utmost in exclusive vacation accommodation and attention to detail. Marked by unique design that offers superior, quality furnishings, luxury features, designer appointments and top of the line kitchen and bath amenities. These properties are superior in every aspect.



Quality furnishings and accessories tastefully decorated reflected through current styles. Above standard accommodations give guests a touch of luxury with all items being in excellent quality and condition.



Comfortable, pleasant accommodations that provide many of the comforts and conveniences of home. Our silver-rated properties meet quality standards while being priced for affordable budgets.



Bronze-rated properties offer basic quality and design. While some decorating theme may be apparent, furnishings and electronics are generally older and may not consistently reflect current decorating or technological trends.