Enjoy Your Vacation With These Holiday Events in Naples FL!

Thanks for landing on this blog page; as always, the goal is to entertain and to inform all at the same time. In the same breath, you can expect to learn a few things about holiday events in Naples! There are tons of amazing Naples holiday events you ought to check out this Christmas season. Perhaps you have done your homework on looking up three bedroom rentals near Naples, two bedroom rentals near Naples or even just 1-bedroom rentals near Naples and now want something more…. something besides just Naples vacation rentals, right? Here are some fun things to do during your stay in one of these properties this winter. 

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Naples Christmas Glow Run 5K

For holiday events in Naples, you can’t miss the 5k run here. It’s the one at the very top of many peoples’ “must-do” holiday events list. It’s set to happen this December 4th, right at the one and only Sugden Regional Park, located at 4284 Avalon Drive. This highly athletic event is designed with true fitness champions in mind, but it also makes room for the ‘average Joe’ who wants to cut back on the cookies, lower the belly fat and truly kick those extra carbs into gear (all while feeling great and in the best shape they can be) this holiday season. Is that person you? Have you always wanted to start your New Year’s resolution of getting in better shape and staying fit a little earlier than usual? Well, now is your chance…. no more excuses…. have fun and feel great and meet some new people, too! 

A Harry Potter Christmas

If you truly wish to go back to the land of Hogwarts this holiday season, and never seem to get enough of that oddly magical place, then A Harry Potter Christmas might be something you would be interested in. Spells galore, witches brewin’, broomsticks in flight, and all else, this little event can take you there. It’s happening on December 8th, 2021 at The Naples Grande Beach Resort. It is a nighttime event, so make sure to keep that in mind and do not plan to tuck the kids in early for their bedtime if you wish to make it to this one. Alternatively, you can just go “adults only” for it and still have a great time. Take your spouse or partner for a night out! The magic happens from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. If you want to see things light up and really escape the realities of everyday office life, then perhaps a little magical adventure, albeit a very short one like this one, can help with that!

Bailliage de Naples is the organizer of this year’s event. Indeed, the Harry Potter movies are long over and done, but the magic itself does not have to end, especially if you consider yourself a true die-hard fan of those books and movies. Try and attend and have some fun! 

Home for the Holidays

The title of this one alone ought to catch your eye, right? Who does not want to be home for the holidays, after all? That is more than likely the deepest desire of most people these days…. especially during the stress of it all. Many movies have, as a matter of fact, been made on this very subject — being home where it is nice, cozy and warm, tucked in and telling stories and drinking cocoa for the happiest days of the year. This event happens at TheatreZone and emulates those same feelings of comfort. Check it out for yourself to really get a taste of this and so much else! 

In fact, four performances are set to take place (two of them being on Dec. 10 and 11 at 7:30 p.m. and the other two at 2 p.m. on Dec. 11 and 12). The performances will take place at 13275 Livingston Road in Naples. A live orchestra is going to be there, as well, the organizers have stated. Fun, fun, and more fun! 

MHCP Christmas Party

This one is set to happen at the amazing MHCP – Max Hasse Community Park (121) on Friday, December the 10th. It’s a two-hour nighttime event running from 6:30 to 8:30 (perhaps a little later, if all goes well). Guess what else? This is a special event that’s made just for kids! Kids ages 5 to 12 get in and have some fun. On top of that, their admission ticket is only $10. Your kids can come and enjoy delicious food, a holiday craft, and music. Parents, on the other hand, can rest assured that their kids are being well taken care of while they go out and enjoy some adult company for a couple of hours! If you want to let your kids make their own incredible memories, this is a great way to do so. 

AIR Holiday Family Fun Night

All ages can attend this one, so bring the grandparents, along with the newborns… it’s a family fun night for all ages! It happens on the 17th of December, also a Friday night, from 6:30 to 8:30. Tickets for this one also cost just $10 per person. So it’s a must-see, must-attend type of event if you’re serious about kindling your relationships and having some holiday fun with those people you love the most! You’ll get to experience all kinds of incredible activities such as karaoke, crafts, games, music, refreshments, and so much more. To get a good meal in before of after, take you family to check out the best Naples FL pizza restaurants!

Deck the Depot: Drop-In Holiday Crafts

This one is set for Dec. 21-23 and again from Dec. 28-31 at the Naples Depot Museum this year, located at 1051 5th Ave S. in Naples. There ought to be plenty of parking and outdoor flaggers to help guide you in if you’re driving to the event. This event’s all about holiday crafts, singing, and yes…. cocoa and karaoke! If you want to make an extra-special, one-of-a-kind craft to remember your travels by or to give to a loved one as a unique Christmas present, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this amazing event.

Science & Santa Holiday Cruise

An event hosted by Pure Florida, the Science and Santa Holiday Cruise will offer something truly unique amidst the traditional holiday festivities you might be used to. You can’t call yourself a true Christmas lover without checking it out… bah, humbug! This event runs from 9 to 11:30 in the morning and includes many science-based learning activities and ornament-making opportunities. Of course, you’ll also get the opportunity to see incredible wildlife throughout the area, get some candy, and meet Santa Clause himself! If you are looking to keep exploring with the family, look into places to ride a bike in Naples, FL!

Tree of Hope Tree Lighting Ceremony

What Christmas is complete without a nice, proper toast followed by a gorgeous Christmas tree lighting ceremony and some caroling out in the snow? We’d say the holiday season hasn’t started without it! And with that said, you must check out this ceremony while you are in the area. This event promises to offer lots and lots of hope for happy souls, indeed, and the David Lawrence Center is hosting! It’s a free event, no less, so how can you not make it to this one? It’s accepting donations, though, which will all go to support many mental health centers in the area.

To reiterate, you’ve found the ideal Naples vacation rentals for your group. Having found the perfect Naples beachfront vacation rentals, you then needed great events to look into to make your vacation complete. You came to this blog and read up on a few great events and activities happening. Now you are inspired to go out and book the vacation…. but wait. Before you do so, have a quick chat with our online experts who know all there is to know on Naples. They’re right here at Rent Naples! Our team can get you started and cover even more information than what has been briefly touched on here. We can help answer any questions you might have about everything going on in Naples this holiday season, as well as how to book the best vacation rentals in the area. It’s time to plan your stay in one of our rentals this holiday season. If you want to bring the ENTIRE family, book a Naples pet-friendly vacation rental! Contact us todday to get started.