Explore the Water in Naples, Florida on a Jet Ski Rental

The wind whipping in your air. The waves bouncing and smacking against metal. There are few times you will feel more giddy and excited than when aboard a jet ski, soaring through the waters. When you stay at one of the top-rated Naples Florida vacation rentals, you have to make time for a jet ski adventure. We cover our three favorite jet ski rentals near Naples, Florida.

friends on jet skis

Pure Florida

Pure Florida is a pure blast of fun. Not just a jet ski provider, this adventure-laden rental shop offers experiences for offshore and inshore boating, cruising, and fishing.

Jet ski rentals near Naples, Florida rip through the water, offering you unrivaled freedom of space and exploration. Pure Florida offers very free-form and exploration-focused jet ski tours. This means there are no explicit borders, allowing you and your friends the opportunity to travel without supervisions to numerous quiet relaxation spots along Naples. Hit the dome houses, the research reserve, Barefoot Beach, and more at your pace.

While guided tours are available from Pure Florida, free adventurers will love the openness and ability to go anywhere they want from the non-guided tours to be especially appealing. Tour prices vary based on your total trip length and not based per hour. One hour trips are $129 while three hour trips are $269 (up to a full day eight hour trip). 

Naples Jet Ski Rental and Tour

Naples Jet Ski Rental and Tour prioritizes a high-quality product. Their selection of a fleet of Sea Doo GTI 130 is ideal for gearheads who want full control of the craft and the ability to maneuver with extra precision. Reverse, braking, and parking are all a soft and sweet dream with this craft. They also boast excellent eco-friendly features, allowing them to be quieter, less gas-intensive, and better for wildlife and nature in Naples.

Right now, this jet ski rentals Naples, FL provider is only offering trips through reservation. You can call ahead or visit the website for additional details.

The rates vary, but it is about $110 for a single hour up to $280 for four hours. Hours run from 9 a.m. to 1 hour before sunset. You can also go on a three hour tour, departing from near the Naples Botanical garden. It’s not far from some top-rated Naples, Florida rentals.

man on a jet ski

Marco Island Watersports

Marco Island Watersports is one of the area’s most acclaimed jet ski rentals Naples, FL. There’s a lot of flexibility offered with every trip. For one, Marco Island Watersports is the only jet ski rental listed here to offer rentals for just a half hour. If you want just a small taste of the jet ski experience, this is the way to do it.

The provider also offers three passenger machines, though weather may limit the total number of passengers on a single craft. The price is by hour, season, and availability, so contact the team for an exact quote for your desired date and time. Prices range from $88 to around $175, with guided and non-guided tours available.

You can choose any Naples jet ski rental provider above and have an awesome time. Make sure to take the time to experience one when staying in one of the Naples Florida rentals. It is hard to go wrong with a jet ski if you love crashing waves, tight control of your watercraft, and the racing wind across your face as you admire the surreal blue waters. Whether you are visiting downtown Naples or heading to the beach, the area makes for a fantastic vacation destination. If you spend even five minutes on the water, it isn’t hard to see why.