Take an Everglades Tour on Your Naples Vacation

The Everglades is a special destination. As one of the last major wildlife bastions in the United States not widely trafficked by people, the Florida everglades holds countless secrets amidst its thousands of miles of meandering creeks and sprawling wetlands. 

Exploring the everglades is truly a brilliant and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thankfully, these three below everglades-centric adventure providers can let you see the secrets of the everglades up-close-and-personal. Near many Naples vacation rentals, you can find a full range of thrilling and family-friendly water activities, all offering different ways to see and experience the open yet dense lands of south Florida.

egret in the everglades

Everglades Excursions

This top-rated adventure provider offers some truly spectacular everglade tours in Naples, Florida. For sheer variety, it hardly gets better. Everglades Excursions primarily focuses on a half day (four hour) trip and a full day (eight hour) trip, giving you and your family the flexibility to go at your speed. Both encompass the full “everglade experience,” including a ride by a real airboat, some good wildlife viewing, and even an alligator hunt. Guests will stop by the wildlife sanctuary at Big Cypress National Park to explore and enjoy the Naples, Florida weather. All along the way, you’ll listen to a narrated tour guide explain how to spot indigenous wildlife, how to help protect the fragile ecosystems, and what kind of people thrived in these open swamps for generations.

Amidst the mangrove tunnels and gorgeous open acres, you’ll find the most cherished and treasured havens of Naples, Florida. Discover exactly why Naples nature is so revered by the locals.

Everglades Day Safari in Fort Myers

The Everglades Day Safari is an absolute treat for any wildlife fan in your group. Now, this leading provider is offering exclusively private group tours for the half-day. Here, you can get up to eight guests to join you for an airboat ride through the strikingly shallow waters of the everglades. With a focus on wildlife, you can seek out green herons, spoonbills, bald eagles, turtles, and a lot more. Venture off to an area known for having more alligators per acre than anywhere else in the world. The airboat ride is about 45 minutes and will primarily remain in the “River of grass” area known for its dense thick layers of grass hanging over shallow waters and wide-open sprawl in all directions,

The tour is complemented by a reptile presentation. Here you’ll see real-life pythons, boa constrictors, kingsnakes, and American alligators, among others. Learn all about many local reptiles, including nesting habits, life expectancy, and size.

Conveniently, the day safari isn’t far from some of the best rated Naples rentals. You can jump aboard the full package, including airboat ride and reptile presentation in the everglades, for around $480.

the swampy marshlands of the everglades

Wooten’s Everglades Airboat Tour

Wooten’s provides multiple ways for you to experience the true surreal wonder of the everglades. Interested in one of the most classic everglades airboat tours? This quintessential method of travel for generations of Floridians is affordable and fun, carrying you and your crew through 259 private acres of mangroves. The extended airboat tour adds some hours to the trip for especially enthusiastic and eager adventurers.

Those who want to remain a little more on land can opt for a swamp buggy tour. This 30-minute trip is $27.50 for ages 11 and older and $20 for children 4-10. Top it all off with a stop at a live alligator show. You will find many of the gator’s…um…friends here, like some otters, turtles, and large cats- lions and tigers to be exact!

The Live Alligator Show is part of Wooten’s Animal Sanctuary. Attractions can be booked separately.

What to Expect

The best everglades tours near Naples, Florida really throw you into the thick of it. This is not a manufactured and clean place to be. And that’s what makes it so exciting! Bring long pants and some good boots. Prepare to see all sorts of wildlife. Yes, there are likely going to be alligators floating by the boat and in the water. Don’t go swimming- a water park this is not!

But the everglades are truly impressive for how remote they are. You can look in all directions and see no houses, no street lights, and no people. Yet, there’s land! The everglades are gorgeous, sprawling, and open yet coated in water, and truly a sight to treasure.