These Naples Rentals are Perfect for Your Family Vacation

For vacation rental condos in Naples, we’re the one-stop source. Some of our homes are right by the water, which means you can relax, tan, surf, swim, and repeat, at your leisure. The best part of all is the location itself; here in Naples, you’ve got 300+ days of annual sunshine uninterrupted. Check out the following six properties of choice here in Naples!

Strada at Mercato 

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For Marco Island rentals, start with Strada at Mercato, “the property that has it all.” Some call it this simply because it has bathrooms in the master and guest bedrooms, 2-car parking, a pool (52-ft, heated year-round) with a waterfall and a spa, and more! You get almost 1,500 feet of square footage in the entire home, and you’re only 1.5 miles from the nearest beach. You also get a nice mix of tile and carpet for your flooring. You get two TVs and a DVD player here (with hook-ups for bringing in your stereo system as well, if you choose to add more power to your audio). 

If you need to catch up on any work (or perhaps on an excellent book) during your stay, there’s a comfortable pull-out desk included near the main bedroom, along with resort-style, lounge-like seating. You also get to have wireless internet that connects well in every room, not to mention a BBQ grill when you want to cook dinner for your family. 

The Regatta 704

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With 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a quality screened lanai balcony area, and tile flooring in many rooms, the Regatta is perfect for any mid-sized family or crew wishing to have some fun and relax. It comes with a washer and dryer already outlet-connected and ready to go. Wash and dry as many loads as you want! See the pool area from your room. The view’s breathtaking!

You also get two TVs, a DVD player, and a stereo system for your entertainment, in addition to fast, no-cost Wi-Fi. The password will be shared with you easily and quickly by the agency as soon as you book. Make sure to store it in a safe place. 

Esplanade Club on Park Shore 804

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This is the property from which you can see the southern and southwestern Gulf Coast most clearly and vividly, and the view itself may perhaps be the reason why you decide to pack your bags and head out today! 

This property comes with an internal elevator, which means you can simply push a button and go up or down 18 floors in mere seconds. For those traveling in a wheelchair, with a cane or crutch, or with any other disability or impairment, accommodations can be made. By the way, the elevator is wheelchair accessible as well, and any wheelchair can fit with plenty of room to spare (in addition to about eight other people). 

If you like space, you’ll have nearly 2,300 square feet of it all to yourself and your crew. Not only that, but you’ll also get a custom-built, high-quality lanai balcony. The best part is this — this high-rise condo is right by the beachfront itself, so you can walk just a few steps and be right there, taking in the sand, the relaxing seagull sounds, the crisp, cool water, and the rest. 

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Manatee Cove

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This one’s got an extra bedroom and more space than most of the others mentioned, towering above the rest with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It’s a little farther from the beach than the others, though (5-10 miles away), so you can’t typically walk there. Yet you still get a nice BBQ grill out on your patio, all wired-up and ready to fire on, as well as 3 TVs, 3 DVD players, and 3 stereos. You’ll also have a washer and dryer hooked in, not to mention a nice-looking lanai balcony once more. Fast-speed Wi-Fi is included, too (all-access and easy to connect). 

There’s no elevator here. It’s all on the ground floor, so there’s no having to ascend/descend. This home is one of the newest on the list, built in 2021, and no expense has been spared to make this condo as impressive as possible.  

House on Marco Island

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This 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom paradise home has 3 TVs with a DVD and stereo system, plus shower and tub bathroom setups in the guest and master bedrooms, once again. It also features a 3-car garage attached to the home, in addition to a large pool and spa (with a very cozy deck and tanning area connected to it as well). This single-family home is close to a few beaches, too; just get in your car and you’ll be there in minutes. You get a washer and a dryer with it, too, not to mention elegant tile & hardwood flooring throughout. 

The pool-house astounds. People admire its glass canopy. They fall in love with its greenhouse-style building interior-exterior over and over again. 

Where To Stay in Naples

Get your deals on Naples beachfront vacation rentals with us! You won’t find a smoother, more well-furnished Naples vacation condo anywhere around. We’ve got anything from 1-bedrooms to 5 bedrooms. It all depends on what you want when you want it, and if it’s available (summer seasons get busy!). You also get your choice of stay length; pick from 7 nights to 27 nights to 87 nights, or anything else in between. 

No matter which of our numerous rentals you choose, you can expect only top-quality amenities. Enjoy complimentary high-speed WiFi, fully stocked kitchens, convenient parking, cozy living areas, and so much more. You’ll have privacy and seclusion while still being just a short drive away from any attraction on your itinerary.