Why is Fall the Best Time to Visit Naples, FL?

If you’re looking for a last-minute vacation then you may have your eyes set on visiting a place that you can drive to, such as Naples, Florida

Naples is one of the state’s top destinations for travelers seeking quiet solace and respite. Our Naples condo rentals offer a fantastic foundation to the area.

If you are interested in staying at one of our Naples Florida rentals then you likely also want to know the best time to visit Naples, FL. We look at what makes Naples a welcoming destination during the fall.

fall evening in naples florida


Fall is usually a great time to visit Naples. The high during this time of the year is around 88° F and the low is usually around 69° F. Most people find these temperatures very desirable. If you’re thinking of visiting in October then you are in luck because you can still take on some sunny days in Florida and experience less chance of a rain shower. 

The days are mostly sunny during the fall, which means that there is still plenty to do outdoors while you’re visiting Naples in the fall.

Less Crowds

It is no surprise that you won’t find many families left in Naples during the fall, as many of them have left because kids have to return to school. You’re sure to find fewer people in Naples during the fall. Those who tend to travel south during the winter, will not have arrived yet, which means that there are still fewer crowds in the area during the fall season, September -November. The lack of major crowds makes all things to do in Naples, FL a bit easier.

man and child on the beach in the evening

Save Money

Since there is not so much of a demand for accommodations during the fall than there is during the summer, visitors often rake up savings on reduced hotel accommodations. Beachgoers tend to visit during the summer months, which is when the prices are high. You will also find that if you were to visit during the winter, prices are also higher. However, ideally, you’ll find significantly cheaper accommodations during the fall months. Since there are fewer people in Naples during the fall season, you’ll also notice that dining out is less expensive. Many restaurants, especially those around the tourist areas, offer many dining specials to attract visitors. 

Where to Stay

If you’re visiting Naples with a family then you’ll want to stay at one of our Naples Florida rentals. We have Naples beachfront rentals that can accommodate up to 12 persons. Our Naples vacation rentals are offered at various prices, which makes it possible for anyone, regardless of his or her budget, to find accommodations to suit their budget.

The advantages of staying in one of our beachfront rentals are that you have easy access to the beach; a variety of rentals to choose from, some with private pools, and others with direct access to the beach via an elevated boardwalk. Some of our units offer fully stocked kitchens, personal concierges, amenities; such as volleyball, bocce ball, a fishing pier, tennis courts, and more. 

If you are traveling with your pets then you’ll be glad to know that we also offer pet-friendly rentals in Naples. Whether you are a business traveler, solo traveler, or traveling with your family, we are sure that you’ll find the right type of vacation rental in Naples when you rent from Rent Naples.