Why Are Vacation Rentals Better than Hotels for a Family Vacation?

If you are wondering how our Naples beachfront rentals stack up versus hotels, here is what you need to consider when determining the better option for you and your family. There are plenty of good reasons to consider a vacation rental instead of a hotel, and here are some of the most compelling.

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Save on Your Vacation

Your most expensive vacation expense is often your accommodations. If you can save on your accommodations, you’ll save on your overall vacation expenses. As a traveler, you’re likely like most others who are on vacation with certain expectations. Your must-haves are likely fast and free Wi-Fi connections, pool, kitchen, and free parking. It is more probable that if you find a hotel that offers these amenities, it will cost more than it would at a beachside vacation rental. 

In addition to receiving almost everything on your wish list at a rental, you’ll also have the convenience of a fully stocked kitchen, washing machine, private hot tubs, game rooms, tennis courts, private outside seating, and more. Not only will you find it practically impossible to find all of this at a hotel, if you find even half of it, but you’ll also pay a lot of money for such amenities.

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Enjoy Flexibility

When you stay at a hotel, you may feel rushed. However, staying at a vacation rental affords you more flexibility. If you’re interested in breakfast at a hotel, you have to wake up in time, or else you’ll miss out. However, when you rent a vacation rental, you can sleep in and still wake up in time to make breakfast. You can eat breakfast at any time of the day, as you’ll have your very own kitchen to prepare it in! 

If you want to go out for a swim, all you have to do is step out your back door, unlike at a hotel, where there are specific times to use the pool. You experience a lot more flexibility in terms of what you want to do when you stay at a private rental. Hotels charge you by the night and will charge you all sorts of fees if you check-in or out too late. When you book a vacation rental, you are offered more flexibility and can pay by the day, week, or month. Sometimes you can even find a Naples pet-friendly vacation rental! If flexibility is important to you, then we are sure that you will agree that a vacation rental is a way to go.

Book With Confidence

You can book directly with an agent or online, and a representative will follow-up. Our team of experienced agents will ensure that you receive everything that you want and need for a memorable vacation in Naples, Florida. Every property that we manage is checked for quality, and all advertised amenities are available. You can book with confidence in knowing that whatever we have advertised with our rentals will be available throughout your stay. We operate with integrity, which is why choosing a vacation rental offers you added benefits.

Privacy and Security

If you want to truly enjoy your Florida vacation, you are sure to do so if you are afforded the level of security and privacy that you want. When you stay in one of our monthly rentals in Naples, Florida, you will receive a high level of security. You don’t have to worry about anyone coming into your room, while you are away. Most properties offer a keyless entry, which offers another level of high security. Some of our properties offer on-site security around the clock. Staying in a vacation rental means you have all the privacy that you want, as you are not sharing any of your space with anyone other than those in your family. Privacy and security are of paramount concern to us. 

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